Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Chastity?

There are actually a great number of men who enjoy being chaste and under the control of their female counterpart. Yes, I said, “enjoy.” Why would a man want to have some woman lock his cock up so that he can't even touch it for his own pleasure? I mean, really, does that make sense to you?

Of course it makes sense. There are many reasons why men love chastity. Probably the most common reason is love. That's right, I said, “love.” You see, when a man loves his wife (or girlfriend, or what have you) he wants her to be happy. By allowing her to take complete control of their sex life, he is showing her that he loves her.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pleasing Mistress

The other night, Mistress got it into her head that I had not been giving her enough orgasms. I told her that I had given her all that she had ask of me, but it seems she now wanted more. Okay, I can deal with that. I also hoped that she would give me a good bit of teasing, if nothing else...

She stripped naked and lay herself (face down) on our bed. She told me to start with a back massage. I got myself naked as well (except for the CB3k to which only she has the key). Then I proceeded to pour some nice almond-scented oil on her back. I stroked her softly, gently massaging the oil onto the smooth skin of her back. Then I moved to her feet. After all, if this was to be an erotic massage, one should always massage toward the erogenous zones, not away from them.

I rubbed oil on the soles of her feet, the tops of her feet and then moved up to her smoothly shaven calves. I took special care to use both hands on each calf to massage the muscles until they were completely relaxed before moving up to her silken thighs. I worked every muscle carefully as my hands moved ever-so slowly toward the velvety soft skin of her inner thighs. By the time I reached her bottom, she was pushing it upwards as my hands passed gently over the smooth skin. Then I used more and more force to massage the cheeks of her round bottom.

By the time I was finished, she was practically begging me to massage the soft folds of her outer labia. As my fingers began to tease the tender flesh of her outer labia, Mistress rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide, placing them on either side of me. She ordered me to lick her. I was hesitant. Not because I didn't want to, or that I found it distasteful in any way. God knows I love licking and sucking on her most erogenous zone of all, bringing her to one crashing orgasm after another. But because to do so would turn me on immensely and I was still wearing my CB3k complete with points of intrigue (POI - little teeth that dig ever-so sharply into my cock should it even think of getting hard).

Yes, those little teeth are a very BIG deterrent to getting turned on. I knew better than to say anything about it to Mistress because she would only laugh and enjoy my pain more than I hated it. So there I was, faced with the prospect of doing the one thing I love doing more than anything else, and at the same time, paying the price for it. So I dove in. My tongue lapping gently at her inner labia, spreading them so as to allow it entry to her sweetest of honey pots. Before I could even get around to teasing her clit with my eager tongue, those tiny teeth began to take away my joy.

My CB3k with POI was now my enemy. Every lick of my tongue, every taste of Mistress' sweet nectar, gave me more and more pain. It was becoming almost unbearable. I say almost only because I would endure a great deal more pain just to taste what my tongue was now enjoying.

After about ten minutes of pure torture, Mistress burst into her first orgasm. I held my head on place by wrapping my arms around her thighs as tightly as I could. My tongue kept on doing its job as did those POI. At last, there was the second orgasm, followed shortly by her third and forth and fifth ones. She was now squeezing my head so tightly between her wonderful thighs that I could no longer breath. The teeth I felt on my swollen (but not erect) cock was intense. But still I continued. Finally, I felt Mistress going into her sixth orgasm in a row. I knew that my pain and my pleasure were almost at an end.

She pushed my head away and ordered me to stop. She couldn't take anymore. She had had her fill for the night. I lay quietly beside her as she rested, catching her breath. My own swelling was finally going down, and I was almost positive that those little teeth had drawn blood. I quickly checked to be sure. Thank God, no blood, but it sure felt like it. It took almost five minutes for the swelling to subside enough so that the teeth no longer caused me pain.

Mistress finally spoke again. She wanted to know how I was able to keep going even though I was in such pain. Of course, my response was that I loved her and would do anything for her, in spite of the pain. She told me that she was pleased with my performance, that I deserved a reward. My mind was filled with visions of my cock spurting semen high into the air, perhaps several times. However, it was not to be. She told me my reward would be a repeat performance tomorrow night.

Such is the life of a chastity slave...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tease, Denial and CBT

This blog is all about teasing. Some men love to have their cock teased for hours on end, day after day. Most women don't really understand why that is, but don't feel bad, many men don't know either. Cock teasing is one of the things I like best about being a slave. In fact, cock teasing is my favorite part of being a slave. I would rather have my cock teased for hours, day after day, than have an orgasm every day. I can't explain it except to say, “It's fun!”

Orgasm denial is something that many men also love. As I said above, I prefer cock teasing to having actual orgasms. Therefore, orgasm denial is a natural and exciting part of cock teasing. Of course, most men (me included) like to think we are going to get an orgasm the next time our cock is teased, but in reality, we also hope we won't. It's the thought that we might, that keeps our interest in our Mistresses.

Cock and ball torture (CBT) is something that many men enjoy as well. For me, it's not so much the pain I enjoy, it's that Mistress is taking the time to tease and torture my cock. I love attention, and if that means I have to endure a little pain to make Mistress happy, then so be it. I can't speak for other men on this, but I do know that CBT is a big part of cock teasing and orgasm denial. Of course, male chastity is another big part. After all, many of us are so weak (no insult intended) that without chastity devices, we would masturbate and ruin the thrill of being denied an orgasm. Thus taking the orgasm control away from our Mistress. That would not be fun.

So there you have it. If you want a photo example of chastity, just read the last post I made...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Real Chastity!

Sometimes, a photo (or two) is all you need...
(Click Image to enlarge)
(Click image to enlarge)

See what I mean?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Long Tease

Mistress has found a new tease to use on me. Well, it's not really new, but it was new to me when she first did it. Here's what happened...

Mistress tied me down to the bed, spread-eagle of course, and removed my CB3000. Then she tied a shoelace around my balls (much like the photo). After oiling her hand really good she proceeded to massage my cock. Now I say “massage” because she was not gripping it tightly enough to call it masturbation. Her hand fairly glided over the surface of my skin, not even pulling it up or down.

I don't know about you other guys, but this drove me absolutely wild. Her hands did not grip me firmly enough for me to have an orgasm, although I did manage to get close a few dozen times, at which point she would stop. Completely letting go of my poor throbbing cock until throbbing subsided (somewhat). Then she would repeat the process. Over and over I felt those soft hands gently (ever-so gently) sliding up and back down my hard cock. Ever time I would get close, she stopped. Then it would start all over again. The head was getting so sensitive that when she let her fingers slip over it, it would make my cock jerk in response.

She did this for over an hour! Needless to say, I was literally begging her to let me cum, but of course, she would not allow that. I have never had a tease session quite like it before. Normally, Mistress will change tactics from time to time while she is teasing me and the variety keeps my mind busy enjoying all the different sensations. But not this time! Oh no! This time she only did the one form of teasing and by the time she finished I was going out of my mind!

She had to use an ice pack to get the “swelling” down in order to put me back in my cage. Now, I walk around thinking about that session constantly and I will do anything to get her to allow me to come. I don't think she knew what that my reaction would be so great. All I can think about is maybe cumming next time. If I do, it will definitely be explosive!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cruel or Sadistic?

I know the dictionary defines the two as pretty much the same thing, however, having a Mistress with a sadistic side, I have my own definitions. Please understand, this is only offered in the best of humor. If anyone takes offense at anything in this post... Oh well.

A Cruel Mistress will beat you with her riding crop until you almost bleed.
A Sadistic Mistress will only threaten to, then smile and walk away, leaving you bound to the table.

A Cruel Mistress will make sure your chastity device has sharp spikes to prevent erection.
A Sadistic Mistress will fondle your body and whisper erotic things in your ear to make sure they work.

A Cruel Mistress will make you lick her boots clean as soon as she gets home.
A Sadistic Mistress will kick you in the balls first.

A Cruel Mistress will fuck your ass with a large strap-on dildo.
A Sadistic Mistress will only allow you to suck on it.

A Cruel Mistress will make you rake the leaves from the yard while naked.
A Sadistic Mistress will make you shovel the snow off the driveway.

A Cruel Mistress will make you watch as her huge-cocked lover fucks her.
A Sadistic Mistress will make make him fuck you.

A Cruel Mistress will make you lick her pussy clean when he is done.
A Sadistic Mistress will make you lick him clean when he is done.

A Cruel Mistress will keep you in chastity for a year without release.
A Sadistic Mistress will fuck you every day of that year and still not give you release.

A Cruel Mistress will smile and tell you all the nasty things she intends to do to you.
A Sadistic Mistress will only smile.

A Cruel Mistress will smile and tell you all the nasty things she intends to do to you.
A Sadistic Mistress will smile as she does them.

A Cruel Mistress will dress you up as a French maid and make you clean the house.
A Sadistic Mistress will dress you up as a French maid and make you clean the neighbor's house.

A Cruel Mistress will lock you in a chastity device and keep you there for a year.
A Sadistic Mistress will lock you in a chastity device and throw away the key after gluing the lock.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Friday

There I was, taking a short nap with Mistress. Suddenly there was a warm hand on my thigh. It slid slowly and smoothly up over my cock and balls and on up across my tummy all the way to my left nipple. I knew right then that I was going to get turned on. Not that I had a choice, you understand. After all, I am Mistress' toy. Hers to play with, to enjoy any time she wants any way she wants. I just thought I was going to get a little sleep, nothing more.

Her fingers began gently pinching my nipple. Then they pinched a little harder. Then harder still until I wriggled in an attempt to escape from the pain. However, escape I could not. She chuckled at my attempts to pull away. She taunted me, asking if I liked my nipples pinched. Of course, what else could I say? I was there to please her. Whatever that might mean.

She continued taunting me, asking if my cock wanted some attention as well. I am a man. Of course my cock wanted attention. Doesn't it always? That's the down side of being male, you always want what you rarely get. Especially for a male like me who gets locked in a chastity device. Every time it is removed, I, and my cock, hope for release, but it doesn't always happen. Like this particular Friday afternoon.

I felt her warm fingers snake their way back down to my crotch where they played lightly with my cock and balls until 'Charlie' (a name you'll understand in a moment) began to stiffen considerably. The stroking began. It felt wonderful! That warm hand slowly moving up and down that hard shaft, drawing me ever closer to the orgasm that still seemed so far away. Mistress chose that moment to release her hold on 'Charlie' and ordered me to lay on my stomach on the bed.

Mistress went to the closet to retrieve her little bag of torment (her toy bag) and set it on the bed next to me. She opened the bag and began laying out several items. I couldn't see them, I had my head buried in a pillow. I didn't want to see them. I didn't want to think about what might (or might not) happen to me.

Mistress placed a set of leather wrist and ankle restraints on me. And then assembled two spreader bars, one for my wrists and the other for my ankles. Then she attached them to the cuffs. My legs were spread wide but my wrists were only about a foot apart. I felt her warm hand on my exposed (and naked) bottom. She squeezed first one cheek and then the other, telling me to relax as she firmly massaged and kneaded each. It was always difficult for me to relax in situations like this because she has a sadistic side that just loves inflicting pain when I least expect it. Like now!

I felt the sharp sting of her most severe flogger. It has only nine tails but they are made of a course, heavy leather and tend to make themselves known in a very severe way. I squirmed in an attempt to escape her attack on my bottom, but that only made her taunt me more and flick the flogger even harder against my still white butt cheeks. When she tired of that, she turned to a small, but very painful, paddle. It's only about three inches wide and a foot long, but it stings like hell when she really wants it to. However, this time she was tapping my ass so lightly with it, that I could hardly feel it at all. I knew what was coming and I could not relax the muscles in my ass to save my life.

Mistress began massaging my bottom again and before I knew it I was all relaxed. For a moment... Smack! I felt my body shake as the ripples of pain shot from my ass though my entire body. Then there was another smack on the other cheek this time. I think I screamed. I know I tried to move out of range (to no avail) and then there was another smack on the same cheek this time. There was a fourth and a fifth smack on alternating cheeks. I felt the burning spread over an ever increasing area.

When the attack stopped, I heard Mistress' voice taunting me, again. She was delighted with all my squirming and writhing. She briefly soothed my now sore bottom with her hand. It felt good. Well, until I felt the steel-bristled dog brush smack down in the exact same area the paddle had just reddened. I couldn't tell if she hit my ass hard enough to draw blood or not, but it sure felt like it. The blows from the brush continued for a few moments, then suddenly stopped. They were again replaced by the warmth of her soft, loving hand.

I was then ordered to turn onto my back. I managed to do it, but it was quite a feat considering both spreaders were still in place. Once I was in position, Mistress placed a pillow over my face (thank goodness). As I said before, I don't like to see what's coming. Mistress asked if I wanted to cum. My cock was still hard and of course I did.

That's when I felt the cold lubrication she used to make her hand slippery enough to stroke my cock without giving me too much (or should I say enough) stimulation to cum. It was then that I realized the lubricant she used was one of those that gets hot when the friction starts. It was very stimulating. Mistress' hand glided smoothly, and excruciatingly slowly, up and down the shaft of my cock, interspersed with a few rapid firm strokes.

It wasn't long before Mistress had me at the point where I was begging her to let me cum, but she insisted that I hold out. Hold out? I couldn't hold out. Not when she kept teasing my cock by releasing her grip every time I would get close to cumming. She was laughing and having the time of her life. The closer she brought me toward an orgasm, and then denying it, just made her more and more excited with the entire procedure. Finally, I could hold out no longer and just when I thought I was going to get the release I so desperately wanted (no, needed), she released her grip again. This time, however, she had pushed me just a little too far and a few seconds later my cum started oozing out of the tip of my poor teased cock.

Instead of scolding me for having cum, Mistress immediately grabbed my cock and started in again. She massaged the tip in hopes of driving me crazy, but since my orgasm was ruined, I was not as sensitive as I would have been if I had had a full orgasm. Once she realized what had happened, she began to repeat the entire procedure. She stroked my cock, taunting me, teasing me about having not gotten the release I wanted. My body tensed, my hips pushed upward, and she released her grip on my cock again. Again, my orgasm was ruined. The cum only dribbled out She was proud of herself for having ruined two orgasms so close together. I, on the other hand, was disappointed to say the least.

Mistress continued teasing me and my cock for a few minutes but never allowed me to get close to orgasm again. When she was finally finished, my poor cock was left standing at attention... unsatisfied! Mistress was happy. I looked down at my poor cock and said, “Sorry, Charlie” as if it were a tuna that wasn't good enough for Star Kist.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for Mistress

I have been around for a good long while. I have seen a good number of men try (in vein) to find a Mistress online. I have some serious advice for those of you who are seriously looking, whether online or in real life.

The biggest mistake I have seen is men sending photos of their genitals when first approaching a woman who might be a prospective Mistress. First of all, women are NOT like men! Most of them do NOT appreciate photos of this sort. In fact, most women will reject you immediately upon receiving this type of email or post. So don't do it!

If you see a woman online (or in real life) that you think you would like to have control you, the first thing you should do is POLITELY introduce yourself. You can tell her who you are and what you are looking for, but by no means tell her that you want to cum all over their boots and then lick them clean. This sort of thing is just not acceptable to most women. They may, eventually, want you to do just that, but when you first meet (especially online) you should show her that you are intelligent, and perhaps witty, but not that you are good at groveling. You might also point out that you have read (I suggest actually doing it first) some of her posts and that you find her to be intelligent and witty (or whatever).

Basically, what you want to do is to get to know this person. Find out all you can about them. Then, if she likes you, and the time is right, you can ask if she would be willing to take you on as a sub/slave. But NOT before. If you are looking for someone to control you online or in a long-distance relationship, you should explain that. Don't assume that because she is online in some BDSM chat room or forum, that she is looking for what you want. She has her own reasons for being there and if she indicates that she is looking for what you are offering, then you can ask her about it. However, most potential Mistresses would prefer to know you on a more personal level. And if you are honest about who and what you are, you will have much better luck finding a match.

So don't be too quick to jump into the role of sex-slave. If the two of you are a good match, it will happen, but if you aren't, then keep looking. She is out there! You WILL find her, but you must be patient and always, ALWAYS get to know her and who and what she is before you throw yourself at her feet. I assure you, you have a much better chance by showing her how intelligent you are than by how well you can grovel at her feet.