Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet Torture

Yesterday, Mistress really surprised me with a little bit of humiliation. It all began when I complained that she had not told me any humiliating fantasies of late. That was three days ago. As luck would have it, Mistress actually paid attention to me when it would have been wise and kept my mouth shut.

Back Mistress pretty much ignored me during the morning hours, but she did inform me that she had invited a few friends over at 11:00AM for little chat. I was not so foolish as to ask what they might chat about. I figured I would be serving them drinks and snacks, but would mostly be told to stay in my room. That's what normally happens during these things.

Anyway, I was in for a big surprise. About ten minutes before her guests were to arrive, I was ordered to strip and sit in a straight-back chair she had set next to her favorite seat. Hesitantly, I complied. My wrists were bound to the back while my ankles were bound to the outsides of the front legs. To top it off, Mistress ran a few wraps of rope around my chest just to keep me from moving too much. Finally, I was blindfolded and my cage was removed. I asked Mistress what she had in mind. But she only replied that I would find out soon enough.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I heard three women enter the room. Mistress sat down next to me and her hand rested in my lap. She began to softly touch my cock and balls as she talked with the other women. He fingernails raked gently along the length of my cock from the base to the tip. I was quickly getting aroused. However, I soon became acutely aware that she never touched the head.

I kept being distracted by the Ladies conversation. It was not particularly erotic, and the more I listened to them, the less I was aware of the very soft touches Mistress was giving my cock. Every so often, Mistress would give a squeeze to my balls diverting my attention back to where she wanted it. My cock would swell again.

Before long, the only thing I could think about was the fact that Mistress would not touch the head of my cock. It became first and foremost in my mind. I began to struggle and squirm a bit in an attempt to manipulate her hand so that it would touch it. Just once. That's all I needed. My mind (and my lust) became obsessed with the head of my cock and the fact that, no matter what I did, she would not touch it.

By this time I was oozing precum all over the place. My balls were being covered with it. As the Ladies talked and ate their snacks, I was in another world. A world of torment. I tried to concentrate on their conversation, but I just couldn't keep my mind off the neglected head of my poor, straining, cock. The fact that there were three strange women in the room only added to my arousal. The humiliation I felt was becoming secondary to my need to feel even the slightest touch on that little head.

Except for a feeling of panic and hope when Mistress offered one of the other woman the opportunity to tease my poor cock, I could not think about much of anything other than being touched in the “right” place. When Mistress gave up her chair and instructed the woman replacing her not to touch the head of my cock, my need to feel anything touch the head of my cock became extreme. L could not think about anything else! Not the humiliation I felt, not the fact there were four women watching my naked body, my cock, squirm to be touched. All I could think about was my need. My single need to be touched on the head of my cock. It was driving me absolutely crazy!

If you have never been denied the touch of your Mistress' fingers on any single, aroused part of your body, then you can't fully understand the torment, the torture I was enduring at that moment. Not moment, hour! Those women started taking turns teasing my poor cock. None of them would touch that one spot that would give me relief from my frustration. Oh, I would not get relief in the normal manner, that is, I would not be allowed to cum, but I knew that. No, my need was different. Different than any need I might have to orgasm. My need was so intense that I would have done anything, ANYTHING, to feel one finger graze lightly over the head of my cock.

As I said, if you have never felt the kind of need I am talking about, I feel for you. You don't understand how wonderfully frustrating it can be. I was literally screaming, begging, and pleading for someone to touch me, just once, on the head of my cock. My poor, straining, tormented, wanton cock head.

The Ladies left after about an hour. It felt like a great deal longer than that, but I was never given the relief I so needed. Mistress left the room for a few minutes to bid them all goodbye and see them off. When she returned, she did not touch me. She sat down next to me and began talking. She asked me questions about the experience ( the torment) I just endured. By the time she was finished, my cock was limp, there was a puddle of precum on the chair beneath my balls, and I was exhausted. She let me sit there for, bound to my chair for another fifteen minutes before releasing me.

She replaced my cage and released my bindings. I was extremely frustrated, and still could not touch the head of my cock. At least not the way that would provide any relief from my frustration. It took me another half hour before I could think about anything but the torment I just been put through.

If you have never been through the torment of being teased and denied in this way, I hope you will, someday, be able to experience it. Yes, it was torture, but it was such wonderful torture!