Tuesday, September 30, 2014


There is a great deal of information on the web about male cross-dressing. Now, of course, for a woman to dress like a man, there is no stigma or even much erotic appeal since you see little to nothing concerning that. But for men wearing women's clothing, the story is altogether different. I use the web, and what I can find there as a guide to what is popular (sexually speaking) and what is not.
Since there is so much on web about male cross-dressing, I thought I would look into it to see just how popular it really is. After all, if there is a great deal of it on the web, there must be a few of us submissive types who are into it. As a child I did sometimes wear my sister's panties. I think I did it more for the feel of the satin or nylon against my skin, than any other reason. But I also admit that there are times when I fantasize about being forced to dress up (to various degrees) by my Mistress. It is usually in a humiliation context, not as something I “want” to do, but more of something I am “forced” to do, for the humiliation.
I have no idea how many men in the world have similar fantasies, but with everything I see on the web about it, there must be a fairly significant number of men who either want to do it (try it) or who fantasize about being forced to do it. To be honest, I have even had fantasies in which I am not only forced to dress like a woman, but I am even transformed through whatever means into a woman except that I am allowed to maintain my male “equipment.”
I often wonder just how many others out there have similar fantasies, or how many really want something such as that to happen to them. I would love to hear from those of you have had similar fantasies or who have been humiliated by your partner by being “forced” to dress up. Please don't be shy. You post your comments anonymously, or you can write me directly at nemo(dot)slave7(at)gmail.com.
Please share your dreams and/or experiences with the rest of us.