Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Were Mistress...

If I were Mistress I would lock my sub's cock in a chastity device and promise to let him out every day. Every day I would promise to give him the orgasm of his life, but it would almost never happen. I would bind his hands behind his back whenever I unlocked his cock cage so he could not touch his own cock. I would give him a bath (or a shower) every day and personally tend to the cleaning of his genitals and cage.

If I were Mistress I would fill my sub's head with fantasies. I would tell him some of his own (with my own evil little twists). I would tell him some of mine and make him think I was going make them all come true. I would tease him with these fantasies every day, just to make him squirm.

If I were Mistress I would tie my sub to the bed and remove his cage. Then I would give him the longest, slowest blow-job he had ever had. I would suck and lick his cock and balls until he begged me not to make him cum. He would know that he had not been locked up long enough for that. I would reassure him that I had no intention of letting him cum, and then continue teasing his cock with my tongue.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Man in Control

Here's a little story I ran across that I thought you might like...
You thought it would be fun if your wife told you when you could and couldn't cum.
She didn't let you come for two days and you wanted her so badly.
She asked you go down on her before you could fuck her.
Then she let you put your cock in her and you came in seconds.
Then she made you wait three days.
She just pushed your head down to her pussy this time.
Then she let you put your cock in her, and you tried not to come so fast, but you could barely move your cock or you'd come immediately.
She let you do this for a while, then told you to cum.
You came.
She made you wait seven days.
You crawled to her pussy, when she crooked a finger, and lapped at her for 30 minutes.
Then she gave you a long, slow hand-job.
She made you wait one day.
You had romantic sex and she was wetter than she's ever been.
She made you wait seven days.
You crawled to her pussy again, and she gave you a hand-job.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Training Your Mistress

That may sound like a strange title, but as many of you out there know, it is the male who so often approaches his partner about becoming a Mistress. One of the most difficult tasks you have before you, if you are one of those whose KH (key holder) has never experienced this type of relationship before, is getting this woman to understand your mindset without pushing her until she quits.

Let's face it guys, if you like chastity, and you love tease and denial, then your goal is to get to the point where your Mistress (or whatever you call her) can make you beg for an orgasm. But think about this carefully... Is an orgasm really your goal? Or is it just more teasing that you want? It may seem like a rhetorical question, but think about it. The real goal is not the orgasm itself, it's getting to the point where you really, REALLY want it. Isn't it?

Of course, once your Mistress understands this, she will thoroughly enjoy every second of teasing she gives you. But many women feel guilty not allowing their man an orgasm. This stems from years of upbringing and “normal” sexual relationships in which the guy always has an orgasm. Thankfully, not all women suffer from this problem, but many do. So what can you do about it?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Where tease and denial are concerned (especially if chastity is involved), one of the most important aspects of the “game” is anticipation. That's really what teasing, whether done on a daily, weekly, monthly or even a random basis, is all about. I had placed a poll (unscientific as it was) on this web page asking men whether they would want to masturbate for their Key Holder (KH or Mistress if you prefer) now or wait a month and let her do it for them. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of waiting because they wanted Her to do it. I was not particularly surprised by this because I, myself, voted for that as well. As unscientific as the poll was, it still made me realize that men would rather wait for sex, if they have the promise that it will be better sex, than accept immediate gratification. 

The two captioned photos I have included with this post illustrate how much men are willing to do for that good sex they have been promised. Though I don't how I would answer if asked to wait six months for an orgasm for which I had already waited months. I do know that I often prefer NOT to have an orgasm in hopes that it will be better if I can put it off for awhile. I also know that I prefer to be aroused in anticipation of sex than to have an orgasm and then have to go through all the negative feelings I have afterword.

I doubt very much the normal 'man on the street' would feel the same, but then he hasn't experienced any good tease and denial in his life. I know this because I was once that man. But after having experienced the high I get from being teased for days (or even intensely for an hour) I wouldn't give that up for all the tea in China (as they say).

If you have never experienced a good cock tease and denial session, you should find someone who can skillfully tease your cock and deny you an orgasm. It only takes once or twice to see what I mean. I have not, yet, met the man who doesn't agree with me once they have had the experience. For many, a chastity device only adds to the overall enjoyment of the sexual (especially cock teasing) experience because it prevents any sort of sexual gratification.