A Letter to Men

This is an open letter to all you men out there who enjoy being tormented. I know who you are. I know what you like. I even know what you want. But when I get through with you, you'll beg me for more. You'll beg to do things for me. Anything I ask. Why? Because I will be in total control of you. You will not be able to resist me.

You want to cum. You want to squirt your cum all over me, my tits, my pussy, my ass, and even my feet. You will beg me to let you cum - just one time. You will promise to drink your own cum, to be good, to wash my car, lick my boots, to do anything for me if only I will let you cum. But I won't! I won't let you cum.

I will stroke your cock ever so gently. So gently you will not be able to reach that climax you long for. I will stroke your cock hard. I will bring you right to the point of no return and, still, I will not let you cum. I will make you beg. I will make you plead. I will make you please me (any way I want). And, still, I will not let you cum. I will spend hours teasing your cock, torturing your balls, fucking your ass, and, still, I will not let you cum. I will deny you an orgasm for hours, days, weeks, even months, and, still, I will not let you cum.

I will use orgasm denial, cock teasing, cock and ball torture, humiliation, torment, and anything else I can think of to bring you so close to ejaculation that you will be screaming, begging me to let you cum. But, I won't. Your balls will be so full of backed up cum that I will have to milk you. Yes, I said milk you. I will let you think that I am going to allow you to cum, then I will stop. Stop dead. I will not touch you or your aching cock in any way until your denied orgasm stops. Then I will do it all again.

I will put you on your hands and knees and I will stick my finger deep into your ass. I will massage your prostate, forcing all your semen to flow out of you. I will milk you dry in this way. You will have no cum in you to ejaculate. Your balls will be empty, but your cock will still be hard, so...

I will start all over!

Mistress Ivey