Monday, April 23, 2012


Every time Mistress touches my cock it's a torment. I don't meant that it hurts or anything. Quite the contrary, it always feels wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that all I want is more. More touching, more teasing, more torment!

Exactly how this all began, I am not sure. I used to be her Master and she obeyed my every command, usually without question. As time went by, she became more and more dominant outside of our D/s relationship. It wasn't too many years before she told me that she would like to take the role of a Mistress to her own slave. When I questioned her about it, she told me that didn't want to change our relationship, she just wanted a part-time slave of her own.

After several months of thinking it all over, I decided to let her try her hand at it. She admitted that she would need some instruction in order to be what she wanted to be... a good Mistress. We invited a friend (a male sub) to visit one day with the express purpose of allowing her to try her hand at being in charge. I agreed to stay in the room to help guide her and keep her from doing anything dangerous. She has a very cruel side to her, and neither of us wanted that to get out of hand.

Chuck, the guy we invited to be her sub for the day, understood what we were doing. It was an experiment, a trial so to speak. To make a long story short, she bound him to the sofa-bed in our living room and used floggers, paddles, ball cinches, and all manner of other things on him. Then she finally teased his cock until he was begging her let him cum. She eventually did and the scene ended.

After that, she met him a few times at some dungeon parties and played with him each time. But we had to move to another state and it was impossible for her to meet him any more. I could tell by her behavior that she really missed being in charge, at least some of the time. That's when I suggested that she use me as her sub from time to time. It seemed like a logical way to satisfy her needs until we could make contact with another group and find a sub for her to use more often.

However, in the mean time, she became very proficient at teasing my cock and getting me to do things I never thought I would do. The problem was, I loved it so much that I didn't want to quit. In fact, I wanted her to do it full time and not just whenever I allowed it. So she became my Mistress and I her slave.

Now, back to the torment. This post is about torment, remember? Anyway, it didn't take Mistress long to figure out just exactly what my fantasies were, which I would (with the proper incentives) actually do and which I only fantasized about doing. Now, every time she teased my cock, even if only for a few minutes, she will taunt me with my own fantasies. She might put her hand down the front of my pants, squeeze my cock and balls while whispering something like, “I'm going to make you suck a man's cock very soon.”

As far as becoming the perfect Mistress, I couldn't ask for anyone better. The things she makes me do and the things she pretends that she will make me do, are so perfectly balanced that I would worship the ground she walks on, if that's what she wanted.

I hope you can find someone as wonderful and fulfilling as I have.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Cuckold Training

Becoming a cuckold was never one of my  fantasies in the beginning. It wasn't until Mistress planted the seeds of that fantasy in my head. I won't go into detail on just how she managed to do that, now. This is, instead, the story of how she used one of my fantasies to train me to be her bi-sexual slave. Thus priming the pump (so to speak) in preparation for my becoming her cuckold.

My original fantasy was to be used along with another male slave for humiliation and possible forced bi-sexual activities, eventually. The first time Mistress told me that she had found another male slave that she wanted to bring into some of our sessions, she told me that if I didn't approve of him, she would try to find another. We met at a quiet restaurant where we could talk, discuss some possibilities, and get to know one another.

By the time the meeting adjourned, we had all agreed that the terms of Mistress' proposal would be acceptable. Basically, we had agreed that Steve (the second slave) would simply join our sessions once a month (at first) and more often if things went well during those first few sessions. Needless to say, they went very well.

In our first session with Steve, Mistress made us both undress completely for her. We were both told that in future sessions we would be expected to be naked and to wear collars with leashes attached. During the first session Mistress made us a deal. We were both to masturbate for her, but only one of us would be allowed to cum. We would then both be locked in chastity devices for a month. Steve came first. We were iced down and the cages placed on out cocks. The “loser” (me) was then allowed to watch as Mistress fucked the other (Steve) with her strap-on. Then Steve was sent home.

One month later, when Steve joined us again, Mistress used her hand to masturbate us both. She lubed our cocks up and had us stand beside her chair while she stroked our cocks. Again, the first to cum was fucked with the strap-on by Mistress while the other watched.

The next time, we were lubed up by Mistress but then we had to masturbate each other. That was both very exciting as well as very humiliating! We were placed on the floor in a sixty-nine position so that we could easily reach each other's cocks. We were told that the first to cum would have to watch as Mistress teased the other one's cock for an hour. What we were not told is that the “teasee” would not be allowed to cum. The fact is, I was always the last to come and it had been several months since I had had an orgasm.

Let me tell you, it was a very strange feeling having to masturbate another man. I had only touched another guy's cock once in my life and that was not a sexual thing. Steve's cock felt very different from my own, even though we were both uncircumcised. His cock was not only thicker than mine, it was longer by about an inch, as well.

After that session, Mistress decided that Steve would join us once a week for extended sessions. During these sessions, Mistress would use us both in many ways. Sometimes punishing one or both of us, paddling or flogging us, fucking us both with her strap-on and, of course, making us masturbate each other rewarding the one who lasted the longest with an hour of teasing.

Eventually, Mistress changed the rules. Whoever ejaculated first, in these sessions, would be fucked by the other. That is, whoever didn't cum during masturbation, would then fuck the other in the ass until he come. Eventually, that changed as well. Mistress would play with both our cocks simultaneously and the first to leak precum would be locked up and would have to be fucked by the other. Of course, that meant only one of us would get to orgasm during a session, no matter what else Mistress might do to us.

Our final humiliation came several weeks later when the rules changed again. Not only did we have to masturbate each other, but the first to leak precum was forced to suck the other's cock. This was my first truly bi-sexual experience. The first week I was on the receiving end as Steve leaked first. But in the weeks that followed, I was often the loser and had to suck Steve’s cock. But managed to win a few times.

Now, as to the cuckolding... Eventually Mistress changed the rules to include herself. The winner, the one who took longest to produce precum, was allowed to fuck Mistress. Of course it was always done on her terms, the way she wanted to do it. But the fact remained, I was now a cuckold. I didn't mind. I always got teased and sometimes got fucked, but the fact that there were times when Steve would fuck Mistress didn't bother me.

I don't know if this would work for everyone, but it did seem like a very gentle way to introduce cuckolding into our relationship.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monthly Milking

On the first day of every month, Mistress sets aside a little time to milk my cock. Sometimes she milks my prostate, other times she just ruins several orgasms in a row. But it is NOT an especially enjoyable thing for me. At least, it's not intended to be. The truth is, I often do enjoy it. Okay, I always enjoy it! But that is not the purpose for it.

My point is, she uses a wide variety of methods to empty my balls of all that pent up (excess) semen. Please understand, if she did not do daily teasing, there would not be anything built up. Well, my desire might be, but it would surely have turned into “angry frustration.”

What's the difference, you ask? Every time you get aroused to more than just a little, your body reacts by producing sperm (assuming you still can) and combining it with semen in anticipation of ejaculation. When that ejaculation is denied, your body must store all that excess semen. After a few days of almost constant teasing, you may experience some level of pain in your balls. This is called “Blue Balls.” Your balls don't actually turn blue, but they will ache for a few days. With enough continued teasing, this pain can last longer than a few days.

So we have milking. Milking is used to relieve this pain. Some do it because they have been told that it is required to maintain prostate health. How much truth there is in that I will not discuss here. But I will give you a few ideas of how to milk a cock and/or prostate if you that's what you want to do.

Let me give you a few examples of the many ways in which Mistress milks me.
  1. Sometimes she will bind me bent over the kitchen table. My arms are bound to the far end and my ankles to the legs. She will always blindfolds me and sometimes gags me as well. In this position she can use any of a number of items to massage my prostate (even her fingers) if she so desires. Either way, she will use her hand to stroke my cock until I have produced a sufficient amount of cum for her.
  2. Sometimes she will put me on all fours on the bed, still bound so that I cannot move when the critical time comes. In this position I am most likely to feel her fingers probing my bottom to massage my prostate. Again, she strokes my cock during the milking. By the way, if I do get to the point of no return, she will ruin the orgasm. I never get a full orgasm on milking day.
  3. I have been bound to our closet door both facing it and backed up against it. When I am facing it, Mistress will usually insert her favorite prostate massaging vibrator into my ass. When I am backed up to the door, she milks me through ruined orgasms.

Of course Mistress often finds new and different ways of doing it. She has a wonderful imagination. But the fact remains, I am milked on the first Monday of each month. I would love hearing from any who reads this about how they have been milked. Or anything else you care to share with me and my other readers.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Video

I recently posted a new video to my video page. It's at the top called "10 Minute Tease" and I think you'll like it. I wonder how many of you wish you had a Mistress as cruel as this one. If you watch very many video clips you should recognize her. After all, she has a great number of these tease and denial videos. I, for one, hope she never stops making them!