I created this blog for male submissives who want to explore the realms of cock teasing, orgasm denial, chastity and cock & ball torture (CBT). It will include such things as fantasies, stories, reader comments, and games.

This blog is for male submissives but their Mistresses may get something out it as well. Some of the things I will address may be included in Mistress Ivey's blog as well. It may give Mistresses at all levels some ideas for keeping their submissives busy. There will be ideas for games you can play, especially fun if your submissive is in chastity.

I would like to extend a special invitation to those of you are willing to post comments. If you don't want to comment, at least check one of the little “Reaction” boxes please. Your support is always appreciated and gives me the incentive to keep writing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog and will tell your friends about it.

slave nemo