Monday, October 25, 2010

Coming Out?

There are a great number of men in our society today who actually enjoy being locked in some kind of chastity device. There are many more who wish they could but are afraid to bring up the subject to their significant others (be it wife, girlfriend, or what have you). As a male slave who fully understands the frustration of these men, perhaps this blog can help.

If you have never experienced the joy that being locked in chastity can bring, you don't know what you are missing. Perhaps you have had fantasies about being locked up, or maybe you never even thought about it at all. Maybe you thought chastity belts were a women only thing and that no one even makes a chastity device for men. Think about it. Chastity can be fun for both partners whether you play at it occasionally or do it on a semi-permanent or even permanent basis.

I know how difficult, even frightening, it can be just thinking about bringing up the subject to your wife (or girlfriend). So here are a few ideas that might make the job a little easier. So, perhaps, you can avoid the fear of rejection and/or humiliation that comes along with it.

First of all, if your wife is not even into being dominant once in awhile in bed, try dropping her some hints. Ask her if she is really satisfied with your sex life the way it has been going. If she answers “Yes,” then you have an opening. Tell her that you found a website that might be of interest to her. Don't worry, all the web sites you need are listed in the right hand column under “Special Links.” That's why they are there! If she gets suspicious (which happens), ask instead, if there is anything you can do for her to make it better. Better for HER!

If, on the other hand, she says, “No,” you will need to take another tack. You will have to show her that you can and want to be a better lover. It's not hard. But you have to exerciser a little self control. The next time you make love, REALLY make love to her. Do it just like you did when you were first dating (or newly weds). You have to make everything about HER. Do everything you know she likes and DON'T ask for anything in return. If she notices the improvement, now's the time to write her a letter. Tell her how you feel, that you want to make her sex life better. Tell you want her to take charge and tell you what she wants more of, what you can do around the house to make her happier. Tell her you love her and want to serve her better, in every way!

Then, when she gets curious about all this, send her to the appropriate websites I have listed in the right hand column. You may be surprised at the result. Not every woman who dominates her man runs around all day wearing thigh-high boots and carrying a riding crop in her hand. Most, in fact, are just ordinary housewives who have discovered that men do better when they are dominated.

Tease a man's cock and deny him an orgasm and he will quickly become any woman's slave. Lock him in a chastity device and he will grovel at her feet. If you don't agree with those last two statements, then why are you reading this blog???

Good luck. If you need any more advice, feel free to write me. I answer every serious question I receive. You might also check out the “To My Wife” letter on this blog.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Our First Scene

I remember (very well) my very first scene with Mistress Ivey. It took place in her living room. I guess the details of what she did are not as important as the feelings I had both during and after the scene. So that's what this blog is about.

I remember how it all began. Mistress called me into her living room and told me to sit in one of the comfortable chairs. It was this first time she had allowed me to do that. Normally I was required to sit on the floor or on one of those hard metal folding chairs. (I can't kneel in the typical slave position because my legs just can't take it. That happens when you get older.) I watched as she unpacked her toy bag and laid out everything (or so I thought) that she intended to use during the scene.

When she had all the toys laid out neatly, Mistress set the coffee table in the center of the room. She covered it with two blankets to give it a little padding. Then she instructed me to lay on my stomach on it. As soon as I was in position, Mistress attached wrist and ankle cuffs along with spreader bars. The bar between my wrists was a few inches longer than the table was wide allowing her to run it beneath the table. Thus trapping my arms at the sides of the table near my head. The spreader bar between my ankles was much longer and held my feet wide apart.

Mistress leaned down and whispered in my ear (so close I could feel her warm breath as she spoke), “Are you ready, my sweet?” I answered in the affirmative and she covered my eyes with a blindfold. I was nervous. Have I ever mentioned that Mistress has a sadistic side that actually scares me? Her previous slave could take a really severe beating and taunt her for more. I admit to not being that tough.

Suddenly I felt the soft, gentle touch of her hands as Mistress began running them up and down the entire length of my body. I remember how warm and gentle they felt against my skin. I heard the music coming from the CD player. It was a soft tune I hadn't heard before, but that, combined with her gentle touch, quickly put me at ease.

Then her fun began. The Wartenberg wheel ran up and down my body as her soft hands had done only a moment ago. I reacted by squirming only a little, trying to remain still for Mistress. After that, I felt the tails of one of her floggers tickling the skin on my upturned bottom. Then it came crashing down, again and again, turning the skin on my ass pink.

After that I quickly lost track of everything, the music, sharp or thuddy blows of whichever implement she was striking me at the moment. She used every flogger she owns on me one after another along with a two riding crops and a cane. The cane was a real surprise as she had not laid out a cane while I was watching. I do remember how the cane felt as each blow landed on my bottom and upper thighs. I felt as if it were cutting into my flesh, slicing me open with each blow. But, of course, it was not.

I lost all recognition of what was happening as my head began to swim. I remembered my lights (safe words) as I know she asked for them several times just to make sure I was still conscious. But other than those few brief moments, most of what she did to me was lost in a dream-like reality. When she finished, my ass was very sore, burning even. Mistress rubbed some aloe into it as I tried to return to her from wherever it was I had been. Only later would I discover that she had left some very nice marks on my ass.

Mistress unfastened one end of each spreader bar and helped me to turn onto my back. My hands were refastened then my ankles. This time my feet rested on the floor and the spreader bar ran behind the legs of the table so that I could not move them. Then Mistress sat down on the end of the table between my thighs holding them in place with her own. I could not see, but I could hear. What I heard was a bottle of some kind being opened. Mistress was talking to me, telling something about having been good and that she was going to reward me.

Suddenly I felt her hand wrap around my half-hard cock. It was cold! Then I realized why. Mistress had lubrication on her hand. She began slowly stroking my cock ever so gently. Starting at the base her hand would slowly move upward until her fingers could wrap over the tip and back again. It felt so good! All the while Mistress was talking to me, telling me what a good job I had done, how proud she was that I was able to take all that she had done to me, and how I was now being rewarded.

It didn't take long before I felt an orgasm rising up from deep within my groin. I said, “I'm going to cum!” Knowing, even half hoping, Mistress would stop stroking me to tease me and even deny me the release that I wanted. But she didn't. She kept right on stroking and she gave me permission to cum. As surprising as that was, it didn't hold me back and my cum began to race up the length on my cock toward freedom. When the very first spurt hit the air, Mistress released my cock altogether. I might have screamed, I don't really remember, my head was still swimming from the beating. But then, when the second shot only trickled out, Mistress grabbed my cock and began stroking it fast and hard.

I couldn't decide if my orgasm had been ruined or not. Actually, it was, but she wasn't going to stop stroking it, nor was she going to stop rubbing the head, causing me excruciating pleasure. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but if you have ever been tortured that way, you know what I mean. I screamed and begged her to stop, but she only laughed and told me that she was rewarding me for having been so good. Her idea of a reward and mine apparently differ.

When she finally released my cock and allowed me to relax, she began releasing my bonds as I tried to catch my breath. The last thing she did was to remove my blindfold. Then she wrapped me in the blanket upon which I was laying and helped me to the couch where she cuddled and comforted me for the next half hour. It was then that she told me the entire scene had lasted over ninety minutes. I couldn't believe it. It seemed like only thirty to me. But then, I had lost track of things somewhere along the way.

All in all, it was a very rewarding experience. One I have never forgotten, and I am sure I never will. That was the day I knew I truly belonged to Mistress Ivey. I was proud and happy. I finally felt like I was right where I belonged. I knew I would never leave her service.

Slave nemo

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teased & Denied!

Last night Mistress and I sat in bed talking for awhile. We talked about many things including how much she was enjoying her role as my Mistress. She especially enjoys the part where she can have as many orgasms as she wants, in whatever way she wants them. She has always been a little apprehensive because she was never quite sure just how dedicated I was to being her slave. But that lately, she has come to realize that I am totally dedicated and I am very willing to do whatever she wants me to do. Eventually I got tired and she got hungry so I rolled over to go to sleep and she went to the kitchen to see what she could find to eat.

Mistress came back to bed about an hour later and woke me up. She told me to remove the shorts that I normally wear to bed (I have been waiting for her to give me the order to never wear them again). When I stood up she told me to close and lock our bedroom door. I knew what that meant, so I quickly complied and then lay back down on the bed next to her. She had removed her night gown and was waiting for me. At that point, Mistress rolled onto her stomach and ordered me to rub her back. Naturally I was eager to comply.

As I started gently stroking her soft, bare skin, Mistress told me that I had permission to touch her ass as well as her back. I took that to mean that I should include her beautifully rounded bottom in my long, slow strokes. Of course, I did just that. I always jump at the chance to touch any of her more erogenous zones and her bottom is just one such place. My cock was already hard and my pre-cum was beginning to leak out of the tip.

After about ten minutes into my gentle back massage, Mistress rolled onto her back and told me to continue. I asked if I was permitted to include her breasts and she answered in the affirmative. It didn't take long before she grabbed a hank of my hair and pulled my head over to her breast indicating that I was suck on her nipple. I was thrilled that I was given this opportunity and that she had so forcefully demonstrated that I was to do it. My hands kept roaming over her body including gently, teasingly, passing over her, now wet, pussy. I dared not try to massage her clit or push my fingers into her, for I did not have permission for that.

It didn't take her long before Mistress ordered me to get the large vibrator out of the nightstand. I quickly reached over and extracted the device and switched it on. Mistress ordered me to masturbate her with the vibrator. I love doing that to her because I know how much pleasure she gets from it. I know the exact spot to place the vibrator to get give her the most pleasure so, naturally, that's exactly where I put it. In a matter of only a few minutes Mistress was in the throws of her first orgasm of the night. I continued teasing her clit with the vibrator until she had at least two more orgasms and she ordered me to give her the vibrator.

She, again, pressed my face against her breasts indicating I should suck on her nipple. Back and forth I moved from one to the other, not wanting either to feel loved more than the other. In a few seconds Mistress was having her fourth and fifth orgasms and the pre-cum was flowing freely from the tip of my rock-hard cock.

Suddenly, Mistress sat up and ordered me to lay on my back. She took hold of my cock, reminding me (very firmly) that I was not to cum without her permission. Then she rubbed the palm of her hand back and forth across the tip of my cock smearing my pre-cum all over it. Then she placed her hand over my mouth and ordered me to lick it clean. I gladly stuck out my tongue and began lapping up the clear fluid.

When her hand was thoroughly clean, Mistress wrapped it around my stiff cock and began a very gentle stroking. She was stroking just fast enough that, if I wasn't careful, I might actually cum. My hopes were up that Mistress might actually allow me to have an orgasm, but, as my orgasm approached, she stopped. She released my cock completely, denying me the release I was hoping for. While my need to erupt subsided, she reminded me that I was not allowed to cum. Then she enveloped my cock with her warm, wet mouth, completely. She sucked it gently three or four times before pulling her mouth away.

Mistress moved over me. She straddled my hips and gently slid her wet pussy down over my still eager cock. She pushed it all the way in. For a few seconds she just sat there with my cock buried deep inside her. She pinched my nipples then began fucking me, slowly at first. She would speed up, stop, go slow, then do it all again. All the while she was taunting me, telling me that she knew I wanted to cum, but that I was not going to be allowed to. Not tonight anyway. She continued this until she had three more orgasms for a grand total of eight. Then she suddenly pulled off of me and sat up on the bed next to me.

“Did you enjoy that, sweetie?” she asked in a taunting tone. I told her I did and she told me to clean myself up and get back in bed. When I returned, she told me to put my shorts back on and go to sleep. It wasn't easy, even though I was very tired. My cock wanted to remain hard. It wanted to cum, but alas, it was not to be. I finally fell asleep, happy that Mistress had used me. Happy, in fact, that she had denied me an orgasm...


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Punishment Pad

The other day, Mistress wanted to try out a new item she bought. It's called the “Punishment Pad.” Believe me, it lives up to it's name!

Mistress had me get one of those folding metal chairs. You know the type, no padding at all! She placed her new Punishment Pad on it and told me to have a seat. Well let me tell you, it was VERY uncomfortable. She, of course, laughed at the way I tried to minimize the pain. I didn't dare squirm, for that would have only made things worse. Instead, I kept shifting my weight from side to side and back and forth. That didn't do any good, either, but it was all I could do.

Suddenly, Mistress got this idea in her head that it would fun to tie me to that chair and tease my cock while those tiny little points were digging into my ass. So she got some rope and a blindfold. She put the blindfold on first and then tied my hands to the back of the chair, which made it very difficult for me to move at all.

Once she had me secure, she sat on the floor between my legs, keeping them apart with her knees, and began taunting me. She was asking if I was comfortable. Of course I was NOT! I was most uncomfortable! Then I felt some cold lubricant being dripped onto my half-hard cock followed by the touch of her, ever so talented, fingers. She began gently massaging the entire length of my cock spreading the lube over the entire surface. Her hand slowly began stroking my cock. Not so firmly that I would ever be able to reach an orgasm, mind you, but firmly enough that my cock became rock hard. I knew that if she kept doing what she was doing, I could be sitting on that devilish pad for hours.

Thankfully, Mistress took pity on my plight and began stroking my cock in earnest. It was obvious that she intended to make me cum. It wasn't long before I was at the point of no return and I told her so, not wanting to cum without her permission. She just laughed and said she knew it. Then she told me to go ahead and cum. What I didn't know was that she was planning on ruining my orgasm by squeezing the base of my cock when I came.

Needless to say, as my cock began jerking and pumping to eject my semen, it was stopped. Mistress had gotten a firm grip on the base of my cock and very little cum dribbled out. I thought it was all over but, to my agonizing surprise, Mistress decided it would be fun to continue teasing (or should I say torturing) my cock. Thankfully she only did it for another minute before releasing my cock and telling me that I had done good.

Mistress then removed my bindings and blindfold and told me I could stand up. Well, the Punishment Pad, not being attached to the chair, attached itself to me. Mistress had to peel it off like peeling off a layer of skin after a bad sunburn. She thought it was funny, but it hurt coming off almost as much as it did when I first sat on it.

To add insult to injury, Mistress made me bend over the foot of our bed so she could use her favorite paddle on my, now very sore, bottom. By the time she was done, my bottom not only had little dimples left by the Punishment Pad, it was also a bright red. It was very, VERY sore, I might add. All in all, it was very enjoyable session...


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Car Washing

Being as yesterday was one of the last warm days we will have this Fall, I decided it was a good opportunity for my slave to wash the car. After all, during the Winter months I will have to take it to the car wash and pay to have it cleaned inside and out. But for now, what with the good weather and all, I decided to have nemo wash it for me. Recent rains had dragged a little mud onto the mats and the dusty roads always leave a layer of dirt all over it.

Not wanting nemo to be completely exposed, I locked his CB3k in place (complete with points of intrigue) and sent him out to complete the task. I could tell he was a bit reluctant so I repeated the command in a nice firm tone. I think he wanted to protest, but thought better of it. He gathered up the needed supplies and stepped out the front door. I took up a comfortable position on our bay window seat to watch the fun.

He uncoiled the garden hose and turned on the water. He should have held onto the nozzle because as soon as he turned the valve, ice cold water sprayed the back of his legs, bottom and genitals. It was funny to watch him jump up and run away from it. He looked around to see if anyone had seen him, which of course, I had. I just shook my head and smiled (snickering on the inside). Then nemo began hosing down the car in preparation for the wash.

Let me explain a little something here. We live out in the country, in the woods. There are only two other houses who could possibly see him (both in front of us), but only if someone were on their back porch craning their necks a bit. Nemo was, for the most part, shielded from their view by the trees and bushes in the forest surrounding our home. Of course, at any time someone could come driving up over the hill into our driveway, but it's pretty unlikely. However, it turns me on to think he might just be truly humiliated if that were to happen. I think it turns him on as well.

Back to the car. It seems nemo can't quite reach far enough across the top of the car without leaning against it. (chuckle) So he could not wash it properly without getting against the cold body of the car. Were he a female, I am quite sure his nipples would have been very prominent at this point. It always gives me a little thrill when I know he is suffering a little just for me.

When he was finished, nemo came back up onto the porch and I met him at the door. He asked me if I wanted to inspect his work before he came inside. I did, and I have to admit he did a good job. So I told him to put away all his things and recoil the hose before entering the house. As reward for having done such a good job (not to mention suffering the humiliation) I teased his cock for an hour, edging him several times.

Mistress Ivey

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Tease & Denial?

Some men (and a few women) are aware that a man whose orgasms are controlled by someone else makes a much better husband, lover, or slave. Why? Because most men don't understand that ejaculating is not the best part of sex. That's right! The best part of sex for a man is the build up toward ejaculation. Not the ejaculation itself.

In “normal” sex, when a man ejaculates, he's done. By that I mean he will no longer be interested in sex. It's not his fault, though. And it's not his partner's fault either. Blame Mother Nature. You see, when man ejaculates (in a normal manner) the body releases a hormone that tells the brain to do two things: 1) Stop restricting the blood flow out of the penis and allow it to deflate; and 2) Stop being aroused by sexual thoughts. So after a man ejaculates, how CAN he go on making love to the woman who just took him to what he thinks is Nirvana?

Men also masturbate. Yes, girls, it's true. Chances are, your guy masturbates a great deal more than you think. Admit it guys, you masturbate several times a week if not a day. There are VERY FEW men who do not masturbate on a regular basis. Now do you see the problem? They get sex (of some kind) whenever they want it. No wonder they are not as interested in pleasing the woman they love as even they would like to be. They just don't know how to change all that. But I do!

Those men who have discovered tease and denial have come to realize that sex is SO much better when they are normally denied ejaculation (normal ones anyway). What I mean by that, is there are other kinds of ejaculations besides “normal” ones. These are called “Ruined” orgasms. A ruined orgasm is one in which the semen is restricted or blocked entirely during ejaculation. If you want to read more about ruined orgasms, I suggest you read my other blog titled Becoming a Mistress. I will cover numerous ways to ruining an orgasm there.

Here, I will tilt everything a little more toward the male submissive/slave rather than the Dominant. I hope you enjoy it.